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Wellston South School in Wellston with some of the Hollingshead kids and other classmates. Names are unknown.

Ron Salmons collection

Wellston High School 1928-2002

Wellston Old High School

1948-49 third grade class, Wellston Central Elementary School

School Class at Wellston

Wellston Old Central School

Harvey Wells School, Wellston, Ohio

Wellston , Ohio Schools


Wellston Saint. Peter and Paul school July, 2012 

photo by Tyrone Hemry

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Wellston High School Class of 1911 going to class day program at the M. E. Methodist Church 

Wellston High School 1928-2002

8th grade Wellston Jr. High class 1954

Note: The school custodian can be seen looking out the window on the left

photo courtesy of Maria Collins

Wellston High School 1928-2002 

1953 Wellston Jr. High Band

photo courtesy of Maria Collins 

Wellston Catholic School

Wellston-Jackson Thanksgiving Football game 1905 

Mrs. Mildred Steele's AM Kindergarten class in 1962-1963 in Wellston, Ohio. This would be the WHS Class of 1975.

1882 Wellston grade school via Anthony Coyan

Miss Hart's 4th Grade class at Central Elementary School in Wellston, Ohio in Jackson Co. This was the future Class of 1975

Mostly same student as in above picture but now in 1951 at Wellston Central school

photo courtesy Maria Collins 

Wellston Saint. Peter and Paul school July, 2012 

photo by Tyrone Hemry