Vallery Ford....Sunrush Water....Union Stables....AM 660....

Wellston Steam Baking Co. letterhead 24 Jan 1918

Circus parade on Broadway

Edward McKinniss delivering milk in Wellston in 1902

from Susan Hayth Tripp

Wellston First National Bank

photo by Tyrone Hemry  November 22, 2010

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John J. Weber Token, Wellston, Ohio

Westlake Dairy Co., Wellston, OH bottle caps

Day Brothers token back

The Fluhart Coal & Mining CO. Ad Cover

postmarked Wellston  June 8, 1891

View of where turn table etc use to be

photo by Tyrone Hemry Nov 2010

Wellston, Ohio Miscellaneous

Wellston Alma Cement Company

Wellston Alma Cement Company

Corwin Fruit Orchard RD 2 Wellston, Ohio

This was in front of Ewings Bakery located on So. Pennsylvania and 3rd Street the picture was taken May 30, 1949 left to right Raymond McManaway, Estel Jacobs, Bo Gould, Stub Yearing, John Reynolds. Arlene Tribby collection

1926 Wellston, Ohio left to right Roy Williams, Raymond McManaway twin Ralph McManaway (they was called The Gold Dust twins) and Harry Funk Arlene.

Arlene Tribby collection

1930 Zeke's Bakery on 2nd Street in Wellston, Ohio. Left to right: May Kelly Emmert, (wife of Corb Emmert) Pearl Tucker (wife of Zeke Tucker) & Zeke Tucker; Second row ______Moshier, Agie VanBibber, Raymond McManaway, Ralph McManaway, Floyd Hougland, Harry Funk & ________Clark. Bill Lee on truck bumper, Drivers Earl Clark, Tom Walburn and Bob Evans (John's brother).

Arlene Tribby collection

National currency was issued by any bank in the country that nationalized and desired to print money.  12,635 banks printed currency.National bank notes can be broken down into four different categories. The first series of notes are called first charters.  These notes were first printed between 1862 and 1881.  First charters are easy to spot because they will have the year 1875 or an earlier year printed on them. The note pictured are in the last category printed in 1929. The First National Bank note shown earlier was in the third series.  They came in a Red Seal and Blue Seal versions.

Harvey Wells

Wellston Morgan Brothers token front

If this was the B&O Depot then it would have been about 300 yards to the south of the Wellston & Jackson Belt Railway depot with the tract on the right being that of the Wellston - Jackson Belt RR.

Wellston Morgan Brothers token back

Day Brothers token front

The Wellston & Jackson Fuel Co. card back side. Note the names of the various coal companies.

D T & I Wellston depot

Brought about by the closing of many coal mines, near the end of 1929 permission to abandon the 17-mile D T & I Wellston branch was given by the ICC.

The Wellston & Jackson Fuel Co. card front side.