Looking along Ohio Street at Wellston in 1913

Mark Howell collection

Ohio Avenue 1975

Kathy Cameron Whitehead collection

Ohio Avenue, Wellston, Ohio

Ohio Avenue about 1907

"The Milton Banking Company was chartered under the laws of the State of Ohio in October, 1921 and opened for business as a full service office in 1922. First officers were Edgar T. Evans, President; Clark B. Cleveland, Cashier; J. J. Bennett, Assistant Cashier; Frank Morrow and Ed Blanchard, Vice Presidents.

In October, 1984, the bank saw an opportunity and opened its second office in Jackson, Ohio. This full-service office realized immediate success and is today the largest of the banks offices. It includes a main lobby, three drive-ins, and a walk up window for the convenience of customers.

May, 1998 saw the formation of Milton Bancorp, Inc, a bank holding company of which the Milton Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary. The ownership of Milton Bancorp rests with local community involved stockholders and directors.

In October, 2002, the Milton Bank saw another opportunity in the Village of Oak Hill, Ohio. Oak Hill is at the southern tip of Jackson County and was populated by only one other bank. The opening of Miltons third branch gave greater market coverage while providing convenient services to customers throughout the county.

2008 brought The Milton Bank the opportunity to expand outside of Jackson County into the counties of Pickaway and Madison with the merger of The First National Bank of New Holland. The merger was the perfect partnership as the bank was able to offer more services to First Nationals customers while maintaining a level of customer service that had become the hallmark of each bank individually. With the merger, The Milton Bank gained offices in New Holland and Mt. Sterling, Ohio.

Nearly 86 years later, the banks main office building is still located in Wellston and houses the administrative and data processing departments as well as a full-service bank. The existing building is much the same as the original structure although there have been two additions to the building along with extensive remodeling." from ttps://www.themiltonbank.com/bank_history.php

 Milton Bank and Ohio Valley Bank have now merged


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Milton Bank on Ohio Avenue 22 Nov 2010
photo by Tyrone Hemry

Ohio Avenue Nov 2010 

photo by Tyrone Hemry

Street car on Ohio Avenue

Ohio Avenue, Wellston, OH

 Ohio Avenue with lady crossing the street

about 1917 View of Ohio Avenue, Wellston, Ohio 

Changing Ohio Avenue, Wellston Ohio over the years

Ohio Avenue about 1908